Can I Recover Without Ativan Rehab

Ativan Rehab

We have seen many individuals searching for the best solution to recover from addiction. But going down the road by yourself is a dangerous journey. Without professional help, you may do self-medication, which can worsen your Ativan addiction.

Are you tempted to treat your substance disorder on your own? Don’t go that route, unless you are confident of ensuring your recovery. But if you see those who have enrolled in rehab, most of them who completed their treatment were able to maintain their sobriety for life.

In this article, we’re going to share with you ideas if it’s safe and guaranteed to recover from Ativan addiction without going to rehab.

Is it possible to get sober without rehab?

These are rare cases where a person was able to successfully recover from addiction without medical help. If you don’t have a solid background in addiction treatment, it would be impossible to recover from Ativan addiction.

When you enroll in rehab, you will get the necessary support you will need to get treated. This includes prescribed medicines, therapies, and counseling. All these things are vital components to your recovery.

If you don’t have these essentials without going to rehab, then it would be impossible for you to get sober from substance abuse.

Why is it difficult to recover from addiction without rehab?

It’s not rare that many people try to recover from Ativan abuse without going to rehab. But most of them fail since they don’t have the expertise and proper equipment for addiction treatment.

Besides that, here are other reasons why it will be hard for anyone to recover without proper medical assistance:

  • Cravings for the drug: Because of your thirst for taking the drug, you won’t be in the right mind to think of the proper ways to medicate yourself.
  • Drug Tolerance: When you’re addicted to Ativan, you have a high tolerance for the substance. Because of your condition, you won’t be able to focus on what are the proper medicines you need to take to reduce your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Mental dependence: Addiction doesn’t only impair the body, but also the mind. Your thinking is distorted since you will feel that you can’t function properly without taking Ativan.
  • Physical dependence: Once you have abused Ativan for a long time, your body will be acquainted with it. Your body’s dependence will impair your ability to treat yourself without professional intervention.

Absence of a medically-assisted Detox Process

Detox is important for your recovery. After accepting your weakness and the need for professional help, you will undergo detoxification to eliminate all those toxins from addiction. If you have abused the drug for quite some time, the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, so, you will need to have a medically-assisted detox program.

But can you have this when you will medicate yourself on your own? This is not possible since it should be a trained professional who will be there to monitor you during an intensive detox process. A nurse or doctor will be on standby to monitor your vital signs and help you when you feel life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Ativan Rehab

Inability to Determine and Treat Co-Occurring Disorder

When you decide to treat your Ativan addiction by yourself, you won’t be able to diagnose if you have any co-occurring mental disorder. Post-traumatic disorder and depression are some of the common dual diagnosis when you are under the influence of a substance.

Compared to when you are enrolled in a rehab center, you have the people and facility to diagnose any dual diagnosis. There is a separate treatment done to cure your co-occurring behavioral disorder.

By accessing this service, you are confident of recovering holistically. The rehab center will be there to give you the right medications and therapies you need to recover from this mental health problem.

Patient Education Is Present in Rehab

Compared to self-medication, inside the rehab, patients are informed of the dos and don’ts of treating addiction. You will be educated on how to positively handle any triggers, and how to effectively stay sober even after rehab.

Educating patients is one of the services offered inside the facility, which you can’t get when you treat yourself. Proper information is necessary to empower the patients and help them prepare after rehab.

What are the reasons why people don’t go to Rehab?

There’s a slim chance of recovering when you do it on your own. Take note, the journey toward treatment is a tough route, and having a helping hand would be a great help. You need a professional to be guided on what you need to take and not take during treatment. This is the gap between self-medication and rehab programs.

As for the common reasons why people don’t enroll in rehab, here they are:

  • Lack of finances
  • A negative impression or thinking about rehab
  • Feeling embarrassed once your friends, workmates, or relatives find out that you’re in rehab
  • Denying that you are addicted to Ativan
  • Lack of motivation to go into formal treatment

Ativan Rehab

What are the Risks of Self-Medication?

Deciding whether to go to rehab or not is a serious matter. It can make or break your goals of recovery. If you’re thinking of doing DIY addiction treatment, you must think again and know these risks:

  • Painful life-threatening withdrawal symptoms
  • The threat of abusing another drug
  • Overdose
  • Wrong medication
  • Inability to spot and treat dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental problem
  • No accurate time frame and process for addiction treatment
  • No professional monitoring of your progress and vital signs

Recognize You Need Help Today

Everyone needs medical assistance, especially when you’re dealing with addiction. This is not a simple problem that can be treated with over-the-counter medications. You need a systematic process and monitoring to help recover from Ativan use disorder.