How Much Does Tramadol Detox Cost

Tramadol Detox Cost

Tramadol is a habit-forming painkiller mostly given to relieve patients from the pain caused by illnesses such as fibromyalgia or post-operation and injuries.

Classified among the family of opioids, Tramadol is less potent than other substances. However, the growing number of individuals misusing and abusing the drug has worsened the opioid epidemic in the United States.

With the significant rise of emergency visits caused by powerful doses of Tramadol, treatment must urgently be provided to those who are potentially affected by substance dependence.

One of the factors that make people hesitant to undergo medical care is its cost. This is the reason why federal and state governments provide multiple interventions so that treatment becomes friendlier in terms of cost.

Meanwhile, even private rehab facilities offer payment schemes and scholarship grants to those who pass their qualifications.

If you are someone who shows signs of Tramadol dependence, you should start your detox journey as soon as possible.

Treatment Options for Tramadol Detox and Its Cost

Detox is a way of getting rid of the substance in the body. However, this is not done by suddenly quitting your doses just because you feel the discomfort that comes with using it.

Tapering off your doses is the best way to reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms that you are likely to experience. To effectively identify the right dosage, your doctor will help you create your taper schedule.

There are two treatment options guaranteed to offer safe and effective care for your specific needs. The type of treatment that suits you depends on the level of your dependence as well as your overall health condition.

Inpatient Treatment

Tramadol Detox CostInpatient treatment requires you to stay in a rehab facility to receive proper care. The advantage includes constant medical attention and even less distraction from potential triggers. This is ideal for those with severe addiction, with co-occurring disorders, and the vulnerable ones like the elderly.

Inpatient treatment can be expensive since you have to pay for your meals and accommodation on top of the medications and treatment services provided in the facility. While the average length of detox in a rehab center is nine days, some might stay longer.

The cost of treatment varies depending on the cost of living in a certain state. An estimate of $400 a day is likely spent on inpatient care. This does not include medications yet. It can reach up to $1300 per day if it does. Reports also share that the weekly range of cost would be from $3000 to $8000. But this still depends on which facility you are in.

Some facilities offer a 30-day program for only $6000. Remember that you should not just stop your treatment once you feel like your withdrawal symptoms have already dissipated. You have to progress to rehab programs to truly enjoy recovery.

Reputable facilities may cost $20,000 for 30 days while a range from $12,000 up to $60,000 for programs that last for 60 or 90 days.

Outpatient Treatment

Tramadol Detox CostOutpatient treatment only requires patients to do regular visits to the facility. They can continue with their duties while enrolled in the detox program. Since this does not contain a rigorous routine, the cost is more affordable than inpatient care.

Unlike inpatient care, there is no need to pay for meals and accommodation. Despite this promising cost, outpatient programs are only for people with mild to moderate cases of addiction.

Detox duration is ideally between 5 and 14 days and the cost can averagely be $100 per day. Every week, it can range from $1000 to $5000. This rate particularly refers to non-methadone clinics.

Methadone is one of the FDA-approved drugs typically used for opioid withdrawal. Compared to Buprenorphine, which has a similar function, Methadone can only be prescribed in certified clinics.

Take note, detoxification is just the first step. Once it is completed, rehabilitation must continue. Some clinics let you pay $5000 for a 90-day program already, while some cost $10,000. This still depends on how regularly you visit and for how long. You can ask for a free estimate from any rehab center.

Payment Options for Tramadol Detox

Since the cost of detox is the major concern in this writing, you have to also consider that you can save a huge amount if you enroll in facilities that offer detox and rehabilitation at once. It can cost you more to take these two treatments in separate facilities, in case one is not offered in a particular center.

The cost of detox treatment can be a crucial matter, however; there are options you can take to reduce the amount that you pay. You can identify which of the following will you qualify:


Tramadol Detox CostMedicaid can cover the full cost of your treatment. If not, you can qualify for partial coverage which can still let you save a great amount.

This is a state-funded health insurance program open to individuals who can present proof of residency in the state where they attempt to apply. Another requirement is to belong to the poverty threshold which is set by the country.

You can visit the Medicaid website for more information or drop by the nearest Medicaid office in your state.

State-funded Treatment

This offers free treatment but it is only limited to public health facilities. You cannot expect high-end technologies here, although the healthcare staff is as highly competitive as the ones in private rehab centers.

Qualifications still include proof of residency, proof of no income nor insurance, and other additional requirements depending on the state.

You can visit the nearest public health facility to know more about this option.

Loans and Scholarships

There are private rehab facilities that allow you to loan a certain amount to pay for your treatment. They can arrange the payment terms depending on how often you can pay. Some centers provide scholarship grants to patients.

The best thing you can do to enjoy this program is to visit your potential rehab facility and inquire about the details of this mode of payment.