How To Treat LSD Addiction

Treat LSD Addiction

Before you get treated for your LSD addiction, you need to fully accept your condition and the need for medical help on your recovery. Once you have a full grasp of that, then you can start reaching out to a doctor or addiction specialist regarding your condition.

There are a few ways to treat your substance use disorder, and that comprises medication, behavioral therapies, detoxification, and support groups. Let’s talk about that further in this read, so you can prepare yourself for your treatment program.

The Basic Four Stages of Treating LSD Addiction

It’s a fact that every individual has their respective recovery program from substance use disorder, yet here are the four basic phases for any treatment plan:

  • LSD AddictionConsultation
  • Detoxification
  • Medication
  • Behavioral therapies and counseling

Once you have completed your program, you will still undergo certain evaluations and assessments to see if you’re 100% ready to get back to society. If you have further questions, then you can ask that to your rehab treatment center or doctor.

Consultation and Creating A Personalized LSD Treatment Plan

Your doctor or addiction specialist will interview you and let you undergo certain tests to assess your level of LSD addiction. Here, you will undergo a series of examinations on your brain, body, behavior, emotion, and social communication skills.

Once the doctor gets the result, they will formulate a customized recovery program that will fit your needs. Afterward, they are going to discuss that with you in person, and tell you it’s the best fit for your sobriety.

They will also help you find ways on how to fund your treatment plan.

What If You Have A Dual Diagnosis?

LSD Addiction TreatmentDual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is when you have another behavioral or mental disorder aside from your LSD addiction. This can be pre-existing or induced by the abuse of the substance such as substance-induced depression or anxiety.

If you are diagnosed with this condition, then they will give you a separate treatment to cure that co-occurring disorder. This is challenging but can be resolved well, as long as you religiously follow your treatment plan.

Detoxification Process

Detox simply means removing those toxic residues inside your body due to the abuse of the substance. Alongside, you need to abstain from using the hallucinogen, and that’s usually accompanied by painful withdrawal symptoms.

The pain or discomfort of these withdrawal symptoms greatly depends on how long you have been using this psychedelic drug. Here are some of the common withdrawal symptoms for LSD addiction:

  • Feeling severely sad
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Intense insomnia
  • Agitation
  • General pain and discomfort in the body

There are times when the doctor will give you a prescription medicine that can ease the discomfort of the detoxification process.

What Is A Medically-Supervised Detox Program?

When the pain level of your withdrawal symptoms is life-threatening, then you will be advised to have a medically supervised detox plan. This means you will be inside the rehab center or hospital, and there will be a medical staff who will look after you around the clock.

They are doing this so that trained personnel can quickly help you when things go out of control, and the risk of these withdrawal signs is severe. For your loved ones, it gives them peace of mind, when you are on this comprehensive program.

Inpatient VS Outpatient LSD Treatment Plan

There are pros and cons to these two treatment care programs, and your doctor will help reach a sound decision. Let’s try to differentiate both and see each plan in a fair view.

For an inpatient rehab treatment, you will be inside the treatment facility with updated equipment and supplies. Luckily, most rehab centers today already adopted a homey ambiance, so you feel comfortable and safe.

In here, medical personnel will attend to your needs 24 hours, and 7 days a week. This means you are in good hands in case you have unexpected discomfort or any life-threatening signs.

The main setback of an inpatient treatment plan is price, and so you need to ask your insurance or healthcare provider if they can cover your treatment.

On the other hand, an outpatient treatment means you can still stay in your original house, but you have to religiously follow your medication and counseling sessions.

This program applies if you only have a mild to moderate level of LSD addiction. It’s also cheaper than inpatient, yet the main setback is that you’re exposed to various risk factors, which can lead to relapse.

Additionally, there’s also the partial hospitalization program (PHP) for LSD addiction. This is like a hybrid of the two since you can go to the hospital for your treatment and counseling, while still having the privilege to live in your original house.

Individual Behavioral Therapy

This is one-on-one counseling between you and your therapist. We understand that each person is unique, and you have specific problems in life, that are also linked to your substance use disorder.

Your therapist aims to help you fine-tune your mindset and behavior so that you can gradually live back on your normal life. Some of the topics discussed are employment, financial issues, marriage or relationship, emotion, and diet.

Oftentimes, the 12-step program is incorporated in this treatment plan so that you will have a systematic means of dealing with various problems.

Group Therapy

LSD Addiction TherapyIn group behavioral counseling, all members are given the chance to speak and share their experiences in life and their LSD addiction. They share their thoughts and experiences on how they slowly recover from this problem so that other members are inspired by them.

Family and Support Group Therapy

Besides getting the right medication and counseling, you will also need moral and emotional support, which you can get from your family and friends. They are your source of genuine love, which motivates you to finish your LSD addiction treatment plan.

When Do You Start Your LSD Addiction Treatment Program?

The best time to start your treatment is today. Ideally, you don’t delay your opportunity of recovering your normal and healthy life back. The more you let your LSD addiction linger, the greater will be its damage to your life and health.

When you see that window of opportunity to avail quality treatment, then grab that today. Ask advice from a doctor or addiction specialist near you.