Signs of Tequila Addiction

Tequila Addiction

Did you experience not having a day without a sip or shot of tequila? In that case, you can be addicted to it, and that’s the worst stage since it’ll be challenging for you to overcome this  condition.

Tequila is a distilled spirit having an alcohol concentration of 50% to 51%, that’s why three shots can truly give you that booze. If you binge drink every night, then there’s a huge risk for you to acquire tequila addiction.

Well, if you’re unsure of whether you are addicted to alcohol or not, then we’re going to talk about that here.

So What’s Tequila Addiction?

Tequila AddictionBasically, if you cannot live a day, or if you don’t feel fine without having a shot of tequila, then you are addicted to it. The signs of alcoholism can usually vary depending on how severe it is.

When you feel that you have an alcohol use disorder (AUD), then we recommend that you seek medical help from a doctor, an addiction specialist, or enroll in a rehab center for treatment.

What Are the Signs of Tequila Addiction

If you’re the one having this bad behavior, then it’ll be hard for you to notice it yourself since you’ll be in denial of it. However, your loved ones can see through you, and that’s why family intervention is important for your recovery.

Conversely, here are the common signs of tequila addiction:

#1 Drinking Longer Than Expected

When you’re addicted to alcohol, you cannot control your drinking patterns and consumption. You may have planned to just have three shots of tequila, yet you end up finishing the entire bottle of Patron. This is one evident sign that you’re addicted to alcohol.

#2 Several Failed Attempts of Quitting

How many times have you tried cutting back from your tequila shots but failed? If you’ve failed more than twice, then that’s a strong indicator that you’re addicted to tequila.

Basically, having a strong attraction to alcohol is one prominent sign for people suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD).

#3 Never Misses A Day of Getting Drunk

Tequila AddictionFrom Mondays to Sundays, if you never miss a day that you’re not drunk or suffering from hangover, then you are suffering from tequila addiction or alcohol use disorder.

Tequila won’t give you a bad headache in the morning, yet if you drink a bad one, then you’ll surely suffer from a hangover. People diagnosed with alcoholism can never say “NO” to drinking since their mind and body is craving for it.

#4 You Can’t Take Alcohol Away from Your Head

Your addiction to tequila is deep-rooted already, so it’s very difficult for you not to think about consuming it daily. You will also recall the flavor of Patron, lime, and salt in your lips.

If you experience this, then definitely, you are having an addiction to tequila.

#5 Having Problems with Academics or Work

Alcohol addiction causes a shift from the normal, which means, your old good habits and disposition are disrupted. These negative changes in your behavior and thinking can cause conflicts in your work or school obligations since you’ll be prioritizing your drinking more.

#6 Broken Relationships

Even when you had a fight with your friend or loved one because of drinking, you still can’t stop it. When that happens, it means you’re addicted to tequila.

Alcoholism can motivate you to lie about your drinking patterns and your uncontrolled expense from purchasing bottles of tequila and other liquors.

#7 You Always Keep A Supply of Tequila

If you cannot resist a shot per day, then you’re most likely to keep a supply in your wine cellar or fridge. This provides you easy access to a shot or three with tequila, so you can get that booze you desire.

#8 You Stop From Your Daily Routine and Focus More on Drinking

Have you experienced stopping from your daily routine like picnic time with family, because you prioritize your weekend drinking sessions with your friends?

If you experience this, then you’re addicted to tequila or alcohol. It’ll be challenging for you to say “No” when your friends ask you out for a couple of shots in a nearby pub.

#9 You Continue Drinking Despite the Adverse Health Effects of Alcohol

Taking tequila shots can give you that euphoric feeling, which is addictive. The initial “high” effects of alcohol are temporary, and as it subsides, you’ll feel its depressing impacts.

Some drinkers, use other stimulants upon taking tequila shots, so they can lengthen their euphoric sensations.

#10 Feeling Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When you’re addicted to tequila and then you suddenly stop drinking, you’ll surely get that withdrawal symptom. Some of the common withdrawal effects you’ll feel include sleeping problems, nausea, cold clammy skin, seizure, and insomnia.

#11 Being Secretive with Your Drinking Patterns

Most people with an alcohol use disorder will secretly keep their drinking habits since they don’t want to be judged. Likewise, they won’t be told to stop when their family doesn’t see them drinking.

#12 Lose of Personal Hygiene due to Alcoholism

Tequila AddictionIf you have an alcohol use disorder (AUD), then you’re more likely to take yourself for granted. You’ll lose your hygiene, so you’ll look old and weary.

Losing your good grooming skills is also one prominent sign that you’re having a tequila addiction.

#13 Having that Excuse of Taking Tequila Shots to Relax

Tequila and other distilled spirits are depressants, so they can relax your muscles and give you that momentary “highness”.

If you’ll be frequently taking tequila shots because you want to unwind, then you’re likely to be addicted to it.

Want To Overcome Your Tequila Addiction?

Recovering from your alcohol addiction is daunting, and you have a lesser chance of overcoming it alone. Your most cost-efficient option is to consult with a doctor or an addiction specialist.

They have the knowledge and experience to give you custom advice for treating your tequila addiction. Likewise, you need to address this problem using medication and counseling.

Combining both behavioral therapies and medication is most effective to help you achieve sobriety from tequila addiction.